Neptunes Diving Adventure – Moaboal, Philippines

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Neptunes Diving Adventure is a dive shop located on Panagsama Beach. I chose this place because of its good reviews and whoever answered my emails more promptly. I did my Advanced Open Water course with their instructor Irish Mae. She was a great instructor and gave me some useful tips. The PADI AOW course just builds on previous skills learned but does not go in depth about anything. Recreational diving is a simple activity. You read your book, know the information, and practice. I really focused on my navigation and planning dives more which is by far the most useful skill. If you know how to use a compass then navigating underwater is similar to being on land. I really enjoyed my course and the skills I learned. 

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The dive shop was average. There were communication issues between the staff and I about payment which is quite frustrating when it was agreed upon before arriving. The equipment was also ok. Wetsuits were quite new but the BCD’s and regulators need some TLC. The boat also had problems more than once pushing the first dive to later in the morning. The dive schedule really leaves no time for eating lunch because we left late everyday. If the first dive was supposed to be at 8:30 AM and we leave 15 minutes late or more then the whole days schedule is not adjusted. Not having the time between eating lunch at their own restaurant about the shop is frustrating. We would be sitting there waiting and all of a sudden we are leaving now. On more than one outing the dive master forgot something, other divers were forgetting masks, or watches, whatever. It was like we had 2 minutes to get to the boat. The dive master also seemed really uninterested in the dives which is the opposite of what you want. Overall it was average and I would look into any of the other shops in the area. Blue Abyss offers unlimited no decompression shore dives…

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I did a bunch of dives and more than one at the same site. Pescador Island is a must do because it is a drift dive (saving air) and the walls and caves are covered in soft coral. We went there twice and both times it was stunning. Moalboal did not really have the big fish Mabul, Malaysia had, but the variety of coral made up for that. We also saw a pod of dolphins returning from Pescador. The sardine run is also a good shore dive. Tens of thousands of sardines block all of the sunlight from the surface as they dart from left to right. Fast moving clouds of fish. I did two night dives during my trip. I had never done a night dive before this. Every minute is amazing while diving at night underwater. You can’t see anything outside of the beam from your torch. The walls of the reef are crawling with life, crabs the size of footballs, mini cuttlefish hunting crustaceans, octopuses living in shells, and watching sea turtles disappear into the blue are all things that I experienced in only a half hour of diving at night. I did a 60 and 70 minute dive at night and every minute was exiting.

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