Batu Caves, Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) – Kuala Lumpur

Similar to Kota Kinabalu we left our schedule open to accommodate anything we felt like doing. The weather was hot and humid, making the pollution feel a lot worse in the city. We stayed at the Marquee Guest Houzz which is a hotel. They had one room available when we booked. It was clean and simple. People were excessively noisy at all hours though which was unfortunate. The area we stayed it mostly just shopping with a mall nearby. It was like being in Kota Kinabalu all over again. Every store sold the same touristy junk and the usual variety of knockoff stuff. The mall nearby has a food court upstairs (was not good) and a hot-pocket like stall which was awesome for a midday snack. If you need to eat and like Indian food then right next to Marquee Guest Houzz is an amazing Indian restaurant. Inexpensive too!

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The Batu Caves is the must do in KL and we woke up early to get the train there. When we arrived there was only about 10-15 people in the caves. The previous weekend there had been a giant festival drawing out crowds numbering in the hundreds of thousands. The stairs up take maybe 5-10 minutes if you are taking your time. There are monkeys all around so be aware of your belongings. The caves are enormous and impressive. We were there for the first prayers of the day and sat back and observed the ceremony. If you decide to go head out as early as possible by the time we finished the hordes of tourists just started to arrive.

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The Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM) was something that neither of us came across when we planning the trip. Sara found a brochure somewhere and we headed there right after the caves trying to beat the incoming midday heat. FRIM is part of Hutan Lipur Bukit Lagong Forest. The area is protected and a nice retreat from the busy city just outside the treeline. We opted to hike towards the tree top bridges which turned out to be shorter than I thought but still pretty cool. We did it twice. We only saw a handful of people on the trail and there were no mosquitos which was nice as sweat was pouring from every pore on our bodies. I have never experienced that kind of humidity in any of the jungles we had hiked in. We finished a few kilometer long hike and grabbed some lunch inside the park. If you enjoy nature then it is a must do day trip.

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Our last memorable thing from KL was the Petronas Towers which was a quick walk from the hostel. We decided to go at night to see it lit up. They are definitely big. I enjoyed their symmetry most. But alas what else is there to do but look at buildings. We went inside and we discovered a mall (surprise). Gucci, Prada, Dldfkjit. All overpriced things that people “need” to possess.

kl-25 kl-28 kl-26

That is it for Malaysia. Would I go back? Possibly to go diving, but there are other places to see.

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