Poda Island Sea Kayaking – Ao Nang Thailand

After our scuba diving experience we made our way to the beach and looked for a place to rent kayaks for the day. We wanted to go do deep water soloing but we had to make our way to Tonsai beach to book our spot. The only way to get there is by boat so the kayaks were a good option.


Lurking around Tonsai beach...

Lurking around Tonsai beach…


The kayaks are inexpensive to rent for the day and you have the option of renting for half or a full day. We went with the full day with the plan to go to the island. It takes about an hour and a half of paddling to reach the island. We went to Tonsai beach first and found Basecamp Tonsai. It is located pretty far back towards the cliffs on the right side of the beach. We walked back there and picked up some old shoes to climb in. Tonsai was a dirty area, a lot of trash all over the place and it looked like there would be  some more development (hotels?) soon.


We walked back and paddled to the beach. The sea can be pretty rough at times and if you get seasick easily then I would skip heading out to the island. Once we arrived I looked for a place to go snorkeling and to get away from the crowd. There is not much to see. There are schools of fish if you look long enough, but hardly any coral. I found a giant anemone, and a few mini coral colonies. It is a good place to check out for the day.


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