Wat Chedi Luang – A 600 Year-old Temple


Our final day before our departure to Ao Nang was spent walking to the airport (5km) and checking out Wat Chedi Luang. This temple is over 600 years old and a UNESCO site. If you only had one day in Chiang Mai and had to visit a single temple I would say this is the place to go. Surprisingly it was the least busy temple we visited. The temple in front was packed during the day and when we walked by during the evening. Most people were not even aware that this massive over 45 meter tall structure was sitting behind the newer temple.

wat_chedi_luang-3 wat_chedi_luang-2


wat_chedi_luang-8 wat_chedi_luang-9

The grounds are in good shape and clean. There are a ton of monks around the grounds, I assume a lot live in the buildings around Wat Chedi Luang. There were no crowds of people so taking pictures without people in them was easy. The temple itself is quite impressive. The top portion of it collapsed knocking of 20-30 meters off the top of it, also the moat around it was not full of water.

wat_chedi_luang-7 wat_chedi_luang-6 wat_chedi_luang-5 wat_chedi_luang-4

After the temple we headed to the airport and made our way to Ao Nang were we got our PADI Open Water certification and played in the ocean.


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