The Sunday Night Market – Chiang Mai


What Wat is it?

What Wat is it?

The night market in Chiang Mai is huge. It sprawls across a few streets in the center of the city around Wat Chedi Luang. The market is packed with tourists and locals which is nice to see. Markets are a great way to experience a new place and fill your belly. The market in Chiang Mai is one my favorite markets. There were food stalls everywhere selling all kinds of Thai deliciousness, art vendors, and most importantly, authentic homemade crafts. Generally at markets you find a whole lot of the same, made in China touristy stuff that everyone has. When you can find something unique and one of a kind you know it is a good market.




Adam being decisive.

Adam being decisive.

Learning the art of bartering.

Learning the art of bartering.

We were starving so we ate some Pad Thai. It cost between 20-30 Baht so one Canadian dollar. It was a decent sized portion that fills you up. The street food in Asia is fantastic. You can get a full meal for only a few dollars, the only sacrifice is variety. Often food stalls all sell the same quick to prepare meals so pick a few things you like and enjoy.


A sign said don't take pictures but come on...

A sign said don’t take pictures but come on…

Thailand_Blog3_NightMarket-4 If you have an hour or two to spare in the evening then head down to the night market in Chiang Mai and you won’t be disappointed.

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