Seoul International Fireworks Festival


A few weeks ago some friends and I ventured out of Tongjin and headed towards Seoul to see the International Fireworks Festival. The original plan was to go to the park where the fireworks would be launched. After some research and seeing the hordes of people comparable to the Seoul Lantern Festival. Waiting an hour to get out of the subway station sounds horrible, plus the chaos after they are over… No thank you!


I had no idea exactly where they would be launched from and assumed that since it would be on the Han River we would get a decent view from the opposite side of the river. Well I was wrong. These were some low fireworks. So from our nice comfy spot we moved along the Han River path to get close to the fireworks. We ended up setting up close enough that we could see them through a gap in the highway overpass. Live and learn.


Afterwords we went out for some Korean food and headed home. No pushing, lines, or ajumma punches. 🙂

The bus home

The bus home

We did not eat here but the dog was welcoming.

We did not eat here but the dog was welcoming.

seoulfrwrks_1-8 seoulfrwrks_1-3 seoulfrwrks_1

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