Manila – Philippines Trip


Our bedroom for the evening.

Our bedroom for the evening.

We arrived in Manila early in the morning and knew we had no accommodations booked. So sleeping in the airport was what we did. We found a closed store and slept in a booth. We awoke to some loud music from one of the stores. This cleared us out and the other airport campers. We were hungry at this point and after hardly sleeping at all on the flight we needed rest to make the most of our day in Manila. We ate some Wendy’s and found a corner to sleep in.

No windows, but your just sleeping there. I recommend this hostel!

No windows, but your’re just sleeping there. I recommend this hostel!

We slept pretty good and woke up at 7am. We went to get a cab at the airport and after tons of people pestering you to take their cab one guy had hailed down a cab and was asking for money. I was excited to hear his overpriced offer and it sure was. 900 pesos flat rate. Needless to say we kept walking around to find a better deal. Upon walking around we met two other travelers, Tyler and Summer who are from New Zealand and spent the last few weeks touring around various places in the Philippines. They asked if we would share a cab with them and we did. We went to a different area of the airport and got a cab at the proper rate. We split the cab ride which cost less than 300 pesos. We arrived at the Manila Boutique Hostel and got our room.


A tour bike.

A tour bike.

We sat around for a bit and left to go to Intramuros. An old Spanish area of Manila. When you visit the area you get pestered constantly by people wanting to give you tours by bicycle. Now if you are really lazy and unable to walk for two hours go for it. But if you prefer to take your time and do your own thing then just walk around. Intramuros is fairly small and there are a few cool things to see.

intramuros_sara intramuros1 intramuros_13 intramuros_14

We walked out of Intramuros and headed towards a big park across the street. Pretty standard green-space not anything particularly special. Heading towards the ocean and walking along the boardwalk gave me a pretty clear perception of Manila. The wealth disparity in the city is obviously enormous. It is obvious that a lot of people are homeless and some have quite a bit of money. The abandoned hotels full of squatters alongsideĀ brand new hotels overlooking the ocean was an interesting site to see. Our hostel was located in Makati, the financial district of Manila. We ate Jollibees for lunch as recommended by a friend (Filipino Fast Food) and headed to Fort Santiago.


Entrance to Intramuros

Entrance to Intramuros

intramuros_18 intramuros_16 intramuros_15 intramuros_12 intramuros_11 IMG_3691 IMG_3697 IMG_3695

Sara asked me to take this photo quickly. To many spiders...

Sara asked me to take this photo quickly. To many spiders…

IMG_3656 IMG_3649 IMG_3625 IMG_3615 IMG_3614 IMG_3660 IMG_3658 intramuros_austinsara intramuros9

Fort Santiago is a must see if you are travelling in Manila.

Fort Santiago is a must see if you are travelling in Manila.

intramuros8 intramuros4 intramuros7

Thousands of Jeepneys everywhere.

Thousands of Jeepneys everywhere.

intramuros5 IMG_3561 intramuros3 intramuros2

That evening we went to bed pretty early after having some dinner at a restaurant nearby and having a real beer. Not crappy Korean beer, stuff with flavor. Red Horse it cheap and 6.9%. Needless to say we were pleased. The following morning we headed to the airport. The Manila Boutique Hostel was great. Good location, clean, and inexpensive. After waiting for a cab for a while we ended up seeing Tyler and Summer again and offered them a ride in our cab. We parted ways at the Manila domestic airport and were on our way to Puerto Princesa.

2 thoughts on “Manila – Philippines Trip

  1. Still here in the Philippines?
    For Puerto Prinsesa (with a short period of stay), a 1 night / 2 days in el Nido is feasible but pretty tiring. It will take you 5 hours from puerto prinsesa to el nido.

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