two brothers, two bikes, and a journey from Ottawa to St. John’s

Some tales from my bike adventure!

the tour de vav

People say home is where the heart is. No one ever explains what home really is though. I don’t think it can be defined. Home isn’t a building or a piece of land. Home is a moment in time. You can be anywhere on earth, even in space, and home can be there. You could be in the middle of nowhere and create a home. Home is a state of mind, created by yourself and the people who are or aren’t around you. Back in April and May of 2013 home was wherever Austin and I slept.

This blog is an account of Austin and I on our self supported bike tour from Ottawa, Ontario to St. John’s, Newfoundland over the course of thirty one days. I’ll be posting the entire journey through a series of posts. Enjoy!

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