The Cookie Incident

Sara and I watched Cookie (our friends dog) for two days. Quite the interesting two days that was.

Cookie was dropped off Wednesday morning bright and early. Sara and I ate breakfast, brushed our teeth, and moseyed onward to work. Upon Sara’s return at approximately 4:30, she discovered that Cookie was no longer in her cage and the door was still locked. Frantically Sara looked around the apartment, when she opened the bathroom door there she was. Cookie sat in the dark bathroom all day long. When I came through the door Sara asked me if I had put her in the bathroom, I responded with a “no” and I was puzzled has to how mini-Houdini escaped. We inspected her cage and figured there was no way that she would be able to pop open door, let alone open it and then re-lock it.

I then came to the conclusion that the only other way that she would have been able to get out was for someone to let her out. I thought that she could have possibly been barking and one of the neighbors complained resulting in the landlord coming into our apartment and putting her in the bathroom. Now I was pretty angry thinking that someone came into my apartment unannounced and didn’t even have the courtesy to notify us what the problem was. We decided that Sara would talk to her co-teacher and get her to call the landlord.

The following day we moved Cookie into the bedroom and closed the door, made sure everything was locked and went to school. After I finished my classes one of the office secretaries came to ask me about the dog in my apartment. Sara’s co-teacher had called my school and let them know. I told her the whole story about how we were just trying to figure out if someone came into our apartment. After some back and forth calls between the secretary and the guard at my apartment building, she seemed puzzled and concerned that someone went into our apartment and had the code to our door. I was reassured that no one had the combination to the lock on our door, not even the landlord.

Thirty minutes later my co-teacher calls me on Skype also concerned and confused as to what is going on, the same back and forth process continued between the guard and my co-teacher and no conclusion was met but they were looking into if someone went into our apartment and said I should change the combination immediately. When I got home Sara said “guess what”. Yet again Cookie was out of her cage and the door was locked. I investigated the cage once again and found out how she escaped, she left us evidence this time. The dog made a screwdriver using small pieces of her chew toy, plastic from her water dish, and thread from her blanket. She then unscrewed the screws and opened up the top hatch.

So what really happened was that we found her food bag which was left on the top of her cage on the ground. Meaning that she opened up the top hatch, which we found unlocked, and jumped through. I was shocked at felt really bad that all of our coworkers were trying to help us figure out what happened.

When Cookie was picked up that evening, I asked my friend to come down and translate for me while I spoke with the guard and apologized for the confusion. He was mad because we didn’t tell him what happened, and also what he though happened was not what we told any of our coworkers in the first place. He thought that the apartment was broken into, stuff was stolen, and the dog was gone. He was puzzled has to how he didn’t see this happen and why we didn’t tell him and insisted on calling the landlord. We shook hands, had a good laugh, and bought him a bottle of Soju.


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