Seoul Lantern Festival – Gyeongbok Palace – Palace Museum


We have had quite a few busy weekends. Our plan was to go to the Seoul Lantern Festival and before all the lights got turned on for the festival we headed out early to Seoul. Well we thought we had left enough time to make it to where we needed to be… Damn the bus sometimes. Actually all the time. I hate taking the bus in Korea, super irritating dealing with the constant pushing, the heat turned up so it feels like the sun is taking a ride with you, and the traffic in this city is crazy! I mean just drive people what are you doing. Stop honking at everything, and just use your indicators. Please.


Original Map of Seoul

Original Map of Seoul


We made it to the palace far too late, resulting in no chance of being admitted past the main walls. We spent our time roaming the courtyard and looking at Bukhansan National Park in the distance. Will trying to figure out what to do we were approached by a man. We though he was going to ask us to take a picture for him like the last individual who approached us. Well that turned into 15 minutes of Jesus babble and telling us we should go to church. Yeah, no thanks…

giantvase_palacemuseum modelt

Elephant Urn

Elephant Urn

Lets print some money!

Lets print some money!

Pretty cool model of the water clock located inside the palace walls.

Pretty cool model of the water clock located inside the palace walls.

We wandered off out one of the exits for the palace and stumbled upon a palace museum. It seems that stumbling across things is a common occurrence on our day trips. The palace was actually really cool and I learned a lot about the history of Seoul, the numerous attacks on the dynasties over the years and more about traditional Korean culture.

Gyeongbokgung Palace long exposure

The lantern festival was one of those experiences I would compare to hiking up Baegundae Peak  (click for post) which was overly crowded and getting pushed around while trying to enjoy the view was more than annoying. It seems like doing something unique is more about saying “I did it” taking a selfie and leaving. Well at least for a lot of people. The lantern festival was a zoo, people going every direction accompanied by pushing, and the vibe seemed like it was every man for themselves as people tried to take pictures and enjoy the lanterns. It turned out to be pretty much impossible to do so and every picture I took managed to be a challenge. I never really looked at the lanterns and found myself just doing what the Koreans do, take a picture and move onto the next one.When in Rome, do as…

boatlongex_lanternfestival longexposure1_lanternfestival picturelady_lanternfestival

The main entrance was a zoo!

The main entrance was a zoo!

IMG_3321 IMG_3320 IMG_3316 IMG_3314 IMG_3311 IMG_3298 IMG_3301

Talk about a crowd.

Talk about a crowd.

Personally I was pretty excited to get out of there. It was just not fun, I did not get a chance to read any of the boards attached to the lanterns that give background as to what the lanterns where depicting but I guess it was not meant to be.



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