Hongdae Art Market


My co-teacher used to live in the Hongdae area which is located around Hongik University Station and is considered a trendy area for people in their 20’s and 30’s. We decided to make a trip here to experience the free market that is held in the park on Saturdays and Sundays.


At the free market artists display and sell what they have created. There are many types of hand crafted work ranging from traditional to ultra modern art. One vendor creates name stamps in Hangul, another had ceramic figurines which he will paint in your likeness. Many of the vendors sell handcrafted jewelry, paintings, and art using found objects. One of our favorite things to do was watch the painters paint portraits of couples and friends.


We also noticed other artists who would paint a loved one or a family pet from photos people were showing him . The environment was lively and busy; we took a walk around the streets and found many bars and restaurants which looked welcoming. We will surely head back to see what other art and just hang out in a pretty beautiful area of Seoul.



Check out this up-do!

Check out this up-do!



This guy got everyone’s attention.

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