Seoam Elementary School Talent Show – Sara

Sara talent show4

Last Friday November the 1st my school hosted its annual talent show. The students have been preparing for this day for the last few weeks. My school also included an arts and craft show in the talent show. Students displayed many different types of art, paintings, poems, as well as ornaments.

Sara talent show6

One of the grade three classes created a robot out of milk cartons that is over 5 feet tall. Some parents also participated by hand painting a clock, mailbox, and stitching stuffed animals.

Sara talent show5

One of the most remarkable things about the talent show was the time and effort put in by students, staff and parents. After school, several days before the talent show, parents were helping to create balloon sculptures by hand. The talent show began at nine am and ran until lunch time at noon.

Crayon Pop is all the rage in Korea.

Crayon Pop is all the rage in Korea.

Each class preformed and several students preformed more than once. The acts ranged from K-pop songs and dances, the recorder, skits, kindies in Hanboks playing drums, traditional fan dances, and even a traditional drum performance by several students.

Sara talent show3

I was proud of my students for all their hard work and I could see the pride on the parents and teachers faces too!

Sara talent show1

Sara talent show2

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