Seoul Zoo – Sara’s Birthday


On Sara’s birthday (Oct 14) we went with Joanna to the Seoul Zoo. Getting to the zoo could not be easier as the subway station has an exit that takes you directly to the front gate. After some main gate confusion and a lackluster KFC sandwich we entered the park. The only other large zoo that is comparable to the Seoul Zoo is the Toronto Zoo. They are totally different, with Toronto being much better.


We first went to see the giraffes which contained 4 or 5 all interacting with each other. We then made our way to pet a kangaroo. Now this is just luck because it is only open for 30 minutes twice a day. We spend quite a bit of time with the kangaroo’s, feeding them leaves and potato sticks that were given to us for free by the zoo staff.

The insect area full of tarantula’s was pretty cool, something Sara did not like. Once we saw the kangaroos we went to feed some deer, just because! We saw a lot of animals, so see the photos!







We went to see the newborn animals, well we tried to see them. The place was insane, crowded beyond belief with people banging on the glass followed by some pretty appalling behavior from some foreigners (BRO’S) and the Koreans that joined along. The poor animal was a young jaguar that was biting at the glass and then cowering in the corner of his pen, which is far to small. This little orangutan was pretty cute though:


Mom and Dad:



We ended the day by going by the monkeys and bears. The condition of the sea animal tanks was pretty bad so we moved through those pretty quickly. The bear’s we saw had rather unexciting enclosures and looked bored, until people started throwing food at them. While everyone was fixated on the feeding in another pen I saw this brown bear just chilling on his stomach. Then all of a sudden siting like a human relaxing just long enough for me to snap a few photos.



The zoo experience was mixed, sure we had a good day checking out the animals, but the conditions of some of the pens was in was unacceptable to me. Plus the actions of the people around us was disappointing and immature.

Overall recommendation for the Seoul Zoo. Pass it. Unless you really have nothing to do.




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