Tongjin Elementary School Talent Show


Tongjin Elementary had their annual talent show a week ago. After finding out about it I was pretty excited to see the all the acts, especially my grade 5 and 6 students. I boarded a fancy coach bus to literally go down the road to where my apartment is which is roughly a ten minute walk. Judging by the buses, I had a feeling the school would go all out.


I arrived and was called up by some of my students to come join them. They took pictures with my camera with no smiles! The pictures show the complete opposite of their normal bubbly personalities. An interesting tidbit about having the peace sign so close to their face is (from what I was told) to cover their cheekbones. Now this topic of plastic surgery and vanity in Korea will be talked about in another post.



The talent show began with some cute grade ones as the announcers of the acts, the audience awed accordingly and the show began. It started with kindergarten, and ended with grade 6. The entire school was involved, and this took up a huge chunk of the day. From 9-12 there was nonstop performances which included: traditional dance (my favorite), X-factor style show, comedy, and dancing. Each act was unique and entertaining in its own way.



It was a great experience and my students were very excited to show me their costumes and ask how they did on stage.


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