Hidden Crag – Rockclimbing

Jeez, really falling behind on the blogging here.

A map of our hike: http://app.strava.com/activities/87192282


A couple weeks ago I saw a post on a Korean Facebook climbing group with some awesome photos of a crag. Through countless messages I ended up meeting a Lian (an incredible climber) along with Scott (from Guelph) at the bottom of the hike. It was quite the hike, and with our heavy bags a much harder challenge for Sara than the long hike of Baegundae Peak where I only had a bag on.

After searching around for the crag and following the directions that Lian had received we made our way over the top of the mountain with some pretty intense scrambling which would have resulted in serious injury or death. Exciting!


When we found the very small crag I was pretty excited. At this point in time I had only climbed outdoors at one other crag and this place looked great. The granite was pretty rough, which allowed for some interesting moves climbing up the 5.11d arete (corner climbing). This 11d is one of my favorite routes that I have climbed, and plan on going back for the redpoint (ground to the top with no falling) before our contract is done.


We climbed for a few hours, I got an audience while I climbed the hardest 5.11b crack in the world. Lian, and Scott both 5.12+ climbers got shut down on it. I was right at the top and blew my foot off and took a decent fall, the gasps from the onlookers below was hilarious. The view from the top was incredible, easily the most scenic view of Korea yet.


We then went out and had some much needed Korean BBQ and arrived home very late as usual. All in all it was a great day of climbing which allowed me to meet some awesome people that love to climb. I have since climbed with them a few times and met the coolest 67 year old man on earth. More to come later…



AHH Clean the routes people:

Pulled this rock off one of the routes. Luckily I didn't have much weight on it and was able to pull it off.

Pulled this rock off one of the routes. Luckily I didn’t have much weight on it and was able to pull it off.

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