COEX Aquarium – Gangnam Breakdown

The entrance.

The entrance.

On Saturday Sara, Joanna, and I went to the COEX Aquarium, located in the COEX Mall. Each weekend we are trying to stay as busy as possible. Making sure that we do something new or that we enjoy (rock climbing, cycling, etc). After getting off the subway we exited straight into the mall which was very convenient.

Sara loves penguins

Sara loves penguins


We rushed to the penguin feeding so Sara could get her penguin addiction over with and watched them eat and swim throughout their enclosure. Needless to say that she was overly excited. Realizing that we had rushed through the entire aquarium we made our way back to the beginning and viewed all of the exhibits.



Like everywhere in Korea, there are people everywhere. Making our way back to the start of the aquarium required lots of weaving and dodging. The exhibits ranged from Freshwater, Brackish, and Saltwater displays. Everything ranging from simple systems with a limited variety of species to diverse mixed reefs. It was great to see, and made me miss my own thriving reef tank I had just over a month ago.

I wish I had a reef this big.

I wish I had a reef this big.

Continuing along we saw the massive shark tanks. It was inhabited by a sea turtle, some groupers, stingrays, and a mix of shark species, mostly black-tip sharks. The moving walkway through the tunnel was a new experience for me. It allowed a wide view of the inhabits of the tank as they followed the circular current that was projected within the tank. Sharks, stingrays, the friendly looking sea turtle; they all made an appearance more than once.




The moving walkway is awesome.

The moving walkway is awesome

Sara then made friends with this guy (see below). He followed her as she moved around the glass aquarium and was quite playful.


Sara and Joanna

Sara and Joanna



After the aquarium, Joanna’s husband met up with us and we headed over to Itaewon to go to the Rocky Mountain Tavern (Canadian bar from previous post). Yohann had his first poutine, and some Canadian beer. We went out for cake in Gangnam for my birthday and that was great, until the car would not start. A quick phone call and the equivalent of CAA showing up got us on the road momentarily. The car stalled out as the battery depleted at a traffic light. Sara and I pushed the car across 4 lanes into a driveway in downtown Gangnam in the rain. Who could have predicted that happening.

gangnam breakdown

It was an interesting end to the day, but everyday is has turned into its own little adventure.

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