The Best and the Worst in Korea

We have been here about a month now and have seen many interesting things here is my top ten list of the best and worst of the past month, not in any particular order.


  1. Our friends who we inherited, they live just down the street!
  2. The security guards at the buildings they are always friendly and happy to see you.
  3. The free service items you get when you order in a restaurant, rice chips, and grapes with our chicken dinner. Yes, Please!
  4. Sharing umbrellas, when I didn’t have an umbrella a guard gave me an extra to borrow for the day.
  5. The amazing, clean and cheep public transportation system. We still live in the middle of nowhere but it is possible to get places!
  6. Free things just because, often at my desk there is a juice, or chips, or candy. Or when the security guard stops you on your walk to give you a yogurt.
  7. The constant hello from all the kids, not just at school but everywhere.
  8. The market on every 3rd and 8th day of the month.
  9. Our beautiful large apartment, we have room for everything we need and more.
  10. Pizza School, amazing Korean pizza, Korean BBQ,, chicken!
  11. All of the travelling we have been able to do!
  12. My lazy afternoons at school.


  1. Being on a bus with several foreigners and the bus pulling over and the driver coming to the back of the bus to tell you to stop talking.
  2. The ignorant song and dance behind your back when you wait your turn and don’t let them bud in front of you at the water fountain.
  3. Coming home and speaking “Konglish” to each other, which consists of speaking really slow and omitting every other word.
  4. The garbage and filth that is constant in our little town.
  5. The staring, and gawking by the Koreans and south Asians ( I seem to have it especially bad having “yellow hair”)
  6. Little boys peeing in the streets, while their fathers or grandmothers hold them up or hold their wieners for them.
  7. The constant noise
  8. The fogging truck which has us running to close all of the windows.
  9. Pushing and shoving, and slow walkers, mostly on top of the Baegundae Peak which is 2,744 ft high, but also in the subway and walking down the street.
  10. Driving, walking, and parking. You can drive or park your car anywhere including the sidewalks, many cannot drive and drive below the speed limit or above the speed limit. Walking is hazardous, especially our five point intersection with no lights. You just can’t stop moving!
  11. The word “maybe” used everyday when you save face, aka you have no idea.
  12. The Korean drum room above my classroom!IMG_2238

One thought on “The Best and the Worst in Korea

  1. Worst #8 is quite annoying, but mosquitoes are even more annoying:o(
    Let’s hope mosquitoes are gone soon.

    By the way, you use the same wordpress template as me. Cool!

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