First Korean BBQ – Ilsan

The cook

The cook

Over the Chuseok break we were busy! All of the recent posts have just been from last week. Before we went to Bukhansan National Park to climb a mountain (stay tuned) we went out with Joanna and Yohann for Korean BBQ.


A Korean table is always full, unwritten rules of Korea

So basically you just cook your food at your table, but the food is amazing! All of the sauces that come with your meal taste fantastic. Now the worst part is waiting for your food to be cooked because it is just that good. When I get back to Canada I need to find a good Korean BBQ place.

Joanna and Yohann

Joanna and Yohann


Sara and I

After our long dinner, and trying 3 different cuts of meat, we went to the park nearby in Ilsan and rented tandem bikes for 20000KRW. Sara and I lost Johanna and Yohann almost instantly which was quite funny. Sara and I pedaled full speed around the bike path full of people who have no idea how to ride bikes. It was scary. Eventually we found them as we biked around a giant fountain in a granite tiled plaza.


We watched a light/water show and continued to rip around the entire park, passing people at unsafe speeds! Quite the evening before our big hike the next day.




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