BMX in Boramae Park

We met up with some other foreigners , they make videos! We are featured in this one, check it out:


Over our Chuseok break (Korean Thanksgiving) Sara and I tried to keep busy during the 6 days (5 for her) that we had off. We wanted to check out one of the many outdoor rock climbing walls that can be found throughout Seoul and the surrounding areas.

Boramae climbing wall

Boramae climbing wall

While I will always prefer real rock to grabbing hand tearing plastic holds any day, seeing a 50-60ft wall with an overhang like that is exciting. Expect when you can’t climb it. We arrived around noon to Boramae Park after travelling by bus and subway. The wall is supposed to be open from 10-10pm. But we are assuming because of Chuseok, the wall opened at 4pm. Now finding out that it did in fact open that day was a challenge in itself. From asking people passing by and security guards that had no idea. I decided to go directly into the parks office and talked to management, using horrible broken English and a lot of hand gestures to get an answer.

Taking a nap in the park.

Taking a nap in the park.

After waiting for 10 minutes or so we got our answer. Now we had no idea what to do for the next 4 hours. Nap in the park, check!

I got to ride BMX

I got to ride BMX

We headed over to the climbing wall as 4pm approached and I started talking to some kids on BMX bikes riding the skatepark. Which is actually quite well built and had a lot of nice features. After some talking one of them offered to let me ride their bike, followed by his father letting me ride his quote “nicea bikea” which was a midrange CULT. I did a few barspin’s, a 360 and a wall-ride. Nothing amazing to me, but for them it was awesome.

The kids that let me ride their bikes

The kids that let me ride their bikes

Every day is a new adventure.



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