What can’t you find in South Korea?

When we planned for our year in Korea we did a lot of research. So often we read that you can’t find any western products here and you would need to pack everything you needed for the entire year! Many blogs and people said there wouldn’t be bread, not only can we find bread; we have found it to be cheaper and come in large loaves than what we find in Canada. Guess what! You can find sheets and bedding here too! Western food and items are available, they just come at a higher (sometimes) cost and require more work to find them.

There have been a few items that were correct, it is very difficult to find western toothpaste and the Korean stuff is a bit odd, deodorant is another thing that is impossible to find and when you do find it, it is very expensive. The Koreans do not use deodorant apparently!

Another food item which we have yet to find are pickles, and Austin is quite disappointed. For a country who loves to pickle everything and requires a pickled dish with every meal (at Costco we witnessed many people eating chopped onions as a side dish with ketchup and mustard) we are quite surprised.

Just a heads up for anyone coming here, the chances are if you want it, you can find it.

Oh, and by the way. Brita water filters from the arrival store are 60$. If you really feel the need to use one, Costco had them for 25$, exactly what they should be listed as without the markup.

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