Getting our ARC and our first Bus Ride

This week started off with a trip to the immigration office in Incheon. After driving for about an hour Sara, Sang Ho (co-teacher), and I arrived and basically handed our paperwork and medical check to an immigration officer and paid them. Done! South Korea has a lot of paperwork, what for is beyond me but it has it. If you plan on coming here to teach (in the public board) there is a ton of paperwork needed for everything.

Sinpo International Market

Sinpo International Market

After our brief immigration office visit for our Alien Registration Cards which will allow us to connect our phones and internet, my co-teacher took us to a friend chicken place which he said could be “the best chicken in Korea”. I don’t know about it being the best, considering it was burning my mouth with how spicy it was. Sara of course had no problem.chicken place

After we were dropped off outside his apartment we had our first Korean bus experience back to Tongjin. So traffic lights, stop signs, people, cars, you name it are all just obstacles and need to move immediately. Or, just stand there and be run down. The bus ride was bumpy and the driver was far from perfect with the manual transmission. The lack of bus road rules is awesome though, gets you were you need to be quickly.


We got our first bit of rain too!

The back alley of our apartment

The back alley of our apartment

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