Grocery Shopping in Tongjin

Grocery shopping in Tongjin is actually quite easy. Sara and I have quite a few stores to choose from, plus the market that run on the 3rd, 8th, 13th, etc. Any day that ends in 3 or 8 will be a market day. This is a welcome change as the many narrow side streets that see very little traffic daily are use purposefully. There are deals to be had on produce, even 10,000 KRW (roughly 10$) compared to the 29,500 we saw for a watermelon in the grocery stores. No thanks.

Tongjin Market Day

Tongjin Market Day

The cost of living here is on par with Canada although some items are less. Bananas are really inexpensive 2000-4000KRW (2-4$CAD) for a bunch of them. We ended up finding a sale on Bananas for 1000KRW (90 cents). Some items like peanut butter can cost 8000KRW or more for a small jar. All things considered shopping here has been cheaper overall, plus we eat much healthier than we do at home.

drying peppers

I put my bike together immediately after or cleaning and grocery shopping adventures. Hope to get out on it this evening after our Costco trip with another couple we met living in Tongjin.

I am really excited

I am really excited


Our first meal, spaghetti with broccoli

Our first meal, spaghetti with broccoli


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